Your sharp vision is in your hands

I was about to go blind. 93-year-old Eniola Abagun told about how she managed to avoid eye surgery.

Eniola Abagun was not expecting a large number of guests for her 93rd birthday. She had been living alone for years. Her only daughter died 16 years ago. Her grandchildren and great-grandchildren live far away.

Dr Carl Voigt: "In Nigeria, cataracts have been treated with medication for many years. Thereby the number of patients increases every year."

At the age of 93, Eniola feels young. A couple of years ago, her eyesight improved, even though she had had eyesight problems for 45 years. How did she do it? She shared her secret with our reporter.

“For the last few years, I have been able to see well again and work in the garden again. I grow and sell my vegetables, chickens and so on.

Correspondent: Eniola, the main question is how do you maintain this joy, health and energy, even managing to do gardening at such a respectable age? What is your secret?
I haven’t always been like this. I worked as a teacher most of my life. To put it lightly, it is a very stressful job, and you have to move a lot. When I was about 40, my eyesight began to worsen: at first, near and far objects looked blurry. Over the years, the situation worsened!
Doctors prescribed me eye drops. Now, I don't even remember which ones. They helped a little, but if I suddenly forgot to use them even once, everything was cloudy again.
At the same time, I kept working, although I felt like an old woman. And once they even drove me away from the school in an ambulance. During class, everything started to get so cloudy that I could barely see my hands when I spread my arms out. They injected me with something and put a bandage on my eyes. I stayed in hospital for a month. When the blindfold was removed, I could see again, but still it was rather blurry. Then, they discharged me and referred me to a doctor.
He added to the drops I had with new ones. If I remember rightly now, I took six different eye remedies every day. I spent a lot of time and money buying them. I went to the pharmacy like people go to the grocery store.
I had to use more and more medication as time went on. But in spite of all this medication, the problem did not disappear and, of course, it could not disappear. Upon reaching my 55th birthday, I was made to retire due to health reasons.
In fact, I was told my eyesight would never improve. They said it was impossible to change the situation. My problem progressed.
70% of people with blurry vision lose their sight TOTALLY within 5 years.
I probably would have died like that if it was not for one of my old acquaintances. His son was doctor at the Institute for Scientific Research on Ophthalmological Diseases in London. His name is Emeka. I asked him to operate on my eyes.‍

He talked me out of it. He said that 1 out of 10 people go blind forever after surgery. He explained that the eyesight worsens mainly because of crystallin protein breakdown. If you improve the crystallin protein level, your eyesight will be perfect at any age.‍

At that time, studies were being conducted in India and they had learned how to restore the crystallin protein. That is when Emeka suggested I undergo treatment.‍

The result was astonishing. In two weeks, my vision had completely recovered! You cannot even imagine what joy it was to see nature, animals and faces again! And, most importantly, I no longer needed to buy all those eye drops!
Correspondent: Could you tell me exactly how you restored your crystallin protein?‍

In fact, it is easier to do nowadays. In those days, it was necessary to ask for special herbs from different countries in order to make tinctures out of them. Now, you don't need to do anything, and the process itself only takes two weeks!
There is an excellent product called iFocus . It is specifically designed to restore the crystallin protein. You just take this product twice a day and that's it.
This method that this long-lived Nigerian lady told us about really seems to be functional and effective. Was this really true? Before publishing this material and making it available to readers, we decided to ask a WHO field ophthalmologist, Professor John W. Grayson for his opinion.*
John W. Grayson is the leading expert ophthalmologist at the World Health Organisation, fighting against blindness around the world.
Correspondent: Dr Grayson, in your opinion, can the restoration of crystallin protein really prevent blindness?‍

Yes, absolutely, the patient's vision depends on the quality and quantity of the crystallin protein contained within the eye. Of course, Eniola Abagun described the entire process that occurs within the body rather basically, but in general, everything she said was accurate.‍
Correspondent: Could you talk about iFocus ? What is it?‍

- iFocus is a product that is exported to 18 countries around the world, including Nigeria. The product's distribution in our country is carried out by the Institute for Scientific Research on Ophthalmological Diseases. In other words, one of the main institutes in the world. As far as I know, the remedy was created based on products used by India's military in those times of unrest. It is true that scientists have redesigned the formula itself since current technologies are much more advanced than those in the 1950s/1960s. Consequently, the product is by far more effective now. Although even then it was considered extremely effective and capable of improving vision.‍

The main active ingredients of iFocus are lutein and zeaxanthin. These substances when taken together can penetrate the eye and synthesise the crystallin protein. In fact, after that, the eye is rejuvenated.‍

We studied this remedy in our laboratories, it synthesises the necessary protein extremely well during 1-2 weeks of treatment. I want to show you the results of these studies. In total, 300 volunteers participated in the research.
In addition to lutein and zeaxanthin iFocus contains about 50 vitamins and macro and trace elements that are useful for the eye and its blood vessels. I'm not going to list them all, just a few.
Blueberry anthocyanins
Normalise the eye's pressure and the capillary circulation as well as strengthening the ocular muscles.
Vitamin A
Normalises the penetrability of small capillaries.
Linseed Oil
Eliminates dry eyes, contributes to the natural hydration of the mucosa.
Vitamin B
Strengthens the retina and slows the natural ageing process.
EPA and DHA fatty acids
Essential fatty acids improve oxygen saturation.
Removes excess fluid from the body.
Reduces eye puffiness.
Increases the blood vessels' tone and generally stabilises the entire nervous system.
Also, iFocus has the following properties:

In other words, the product is rather complex. It is aimed at the comprehensive recovery of the ocular system after the age of 40.‍

Please note that it was concluded that now is the best time to start treating eye diseases. Due to the stabilisation of the average temperature, the metabolism speeds up, increases blood circulation in the body, increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the internal organs; this increases the product's effect. Treatment is 64% easier than at other times of the year.
- Correspondent: Where can you buy iFocus and how much does it cost approximately?‍

At the time of the promotion (on the....), you have to leave a request on the seller's official website. Also during this period there is a discount of 50%.
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Ola Abubakar

Thank you very much for this article! This is really important to me. Lately, I have been sitting in front of the computer and my vision worsened. I ordered iFocus .

Ajoke Musa

I agree with the doctor's opinion. The product is wonderful! Before I started using it, I had a vision of -2 in one eye and -3 in the other. Now I'm at -1 in both eyes, that is, I have recovered almost totally. Before that, nothing helped me as much as this remedy...

Adisa Maikori

I have ordered it. They promised to deliver it in a week (to Lagos). As soon as I get it I'll write up my opinion.

Bisi Fuwape

I recently saw a network broadcast about vision. They also mentioned iFocus . Many doctors recommended it.

Mosunro Bakare

I agree with all the comments. The product is really good. All our family takes it since almost all of us had bad eyesight. Each of us had notable improvements. My daughter's vision improved by 3 units after just 1 course, and even the doctor confirmed it. We are very satisfied with iFocus .

Eniola Ibekwe

I ordered it. In fact, when under offer it is quite cheap.

Tosin Abagun

iFocus is a well-known product. I've heard a lot about it. Even some acquaintances used it, and they praised it.

Adisa Maikori

So, as promised, I write about my impressions. They delivered iFocus on time, like they promised, a week later it was already at my house brought it to me. And now for the most interesting part: its effects. I've only been using it for a week, but I can see the results already. My vision is really improving. The day before yesterday, I even saw the bus number from afar. I am completely satisfied with this product. I keep taking it. I recommend it to all. It's at least worth a try.

Adewale Udoka

Thank you. I ordered iFocus on offer. I'm going to try it. My vision gets worse with every year that goes by. I am afraid to have surgery. My neighbour has done it. He has been suffering for two years. Everything is rotting and does not cure at all.

Mosunro Anjorin

Thank you!

Damilola Laouali

There is always a lot of money behind bad things... A friend had an operation on her eyes last year. Twice (she had to have a second one). The vision in one eye was greatly diminished. For me, I decided that I would regain my vision without surgery.

Darasimi Fuwape

Today, I received the package. Everything is fine. They delivered it to me quickly. It was very cheap. I have already started.